Committee Meetings


ELMC Board


Chairman – Chad Northcott

Secretary – Philip Price



ELMC Fundraising Committee


Chairman – Stephen Thompson

Secretary – Paul Sellers


Monday 21st  October at 7 pm


Meetings at Hewlett Court ( unless alternative venue notified )

ELMC Grant Making Committee


Chairman – Chad Northcott

Secretary – Karen Hall

01204 887531

Thursday 17 October, 9.30 am, Hewlett Court

Hewlett Court Advisory Committee

Prior to that there will be a Residents Meeting at 11am with the Advisory Committee and Residents Representatives.

Committee of Benevolence


Chairman -David Lightbown


The Committee of Benevolence meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month. If there are any changes to those dates the Committee Chairman will update you.

Young People’s Committee


Chairman – Roger Tinker


Secretary – Karen Hall

01204 887531



East Lancashire District Charity Stewards


Provincial Grand Charity Steward – Steve Clark


Administrative Officer – Karen Hall

01204 887531

Monday 30 September at 7.00 pm

Meetings at Hewlett Court — Time : 6.30pm for 7.00pm.


Other Events