Fund Raising Committee

A new Fundraising Committee has been established to promote, encourage and support future giving and donations by the Lodges, Chapters and Brethren to our own Provincial Charity, the ELMC.  The prime aim is to help provide funds to fulfil the objectives of the East Lancashire Masonic Charity.

The ELMC. will care for and afford charitable assistance to needy Freemasons, their widows, or to any of their dependent relatives and reach out to others in our local communities, who are deserving of charitable support. Support for those less fortunate than ourselves has been a feature of our Masonic activity throughout the history of this Province and proudly continues to this day.

Communication ‘ is the key ‘ and as a Committee we believe it is now so important to increase awareness of the Charity amongst our Brethren and to remind them of their continuing commitment to contribute. In this context the District, Lodge and Chapter Charity Stewards will have a valued involvement and vital roles to play.

There are many ways and means of contributing to the ELMC either as an individual Brother or via a Lodge / Chapter.

Listed below are a number of suggestions and ideas which were developed from the first meeting of our Committee.

We will most certainly welcome, encourage and communicate any others in the future.


The Chairman of the ELMC Fundraising Committee, WBro. Ken Davies meets with his Vice-Chairman WBro. Philip Price at the new Provincial Trailer in Rochdale, to promote the valued work of the East Lancashire Masonic Charity and also further encourage our Brethren and Companions to continue their ongoing full support, within their own Districts and the Province ‘.

Become a ‘Friend of the ELMC’


1.Minimum monthly donation of £5 / £60 per year. Gift Aided if willing

( supporting Card and Badge provided )

2. Suggested Lodge / Chapter giving per year

Lodge: – £250   Vice Patron, £500  Patron, £1,000 +  Grand Patron

Chapter – £100 Vice Patron, £200 Patron, £400+ Grand Patron

3. Every Lodge to organise a fundraising event for the ELMC during the year

4. On-line Giving / Text Giving

5. Donations in Memory / Legacies

6. Support a Provincial / District fundraising event for the ELMC

7. Casual Giving Boxes / Merchandise Sales

8. A monthly ‘ Flash Friends ‘ Prize Draw / 100 Clubs

The above will be supported by New Leaflets, New Membership and Gift Aid Forms, Website / Facebook / Twitter, Pop Up Banners and a New Presentation to take round to all
Districts, Lodges and Chapters.

A full list of the Fundraising Committee members is available for viewing on our Committee Page and your initial contact should be made via Julie Ward at Hewlett Court

Tele No. 01204 88 7531      Email Address :

Thank you in anticipation of your future ideas and valued involvement.

We will be very appreciative of your full support and always remember,

‘ Fundraising should be Fun ‘, so please help to make us smile

The ELMC Fundraising Committee.

just giving

Committee Members

WBro Kirk Mulhearn


WBro Philip Price

Deputy Chairman

WBro Paul Sellers


WBro Ken Davies, OBE

WBro Chris Wildman

WBro Stephen Graham

WBro Nigel Johnson

Bro John Thornhill

WBro Dennis Schiff

WBro Gerry Russell

Communications Officer and Webmaster

WBro Michael H Clare

WBro John Lees

Julie Ward

ELMC Director of Operations

Sir David Trippier


WBro Derek Thornhill

Deputy President

WBro Chad A. Northcott

ELMC Chairman