Fund Raising Committee

ELMC’s Fund-Raising Committee was established in 2015, by the then Provincial Grand Charity Steward, Ken Davis.

The committee’s prime objective was to ensure the provision of enough funding to enable ELMC to fulfil its core activities in the fields of benevolence and community support.

Its methods were simple – to promote, encourage and support future giving from the Lodges, Chapters and Brethren of The Masonic Province of East Lancashire to their own Provincial Charity – ELMC.

These principle aims continue to form the committee’s directive to this day, now under the Stewardship of Stephen Thomson and his team.

Supporting those less fortunate than ourselves has always been a key feature of Freemasonry throughout its long history and here in East Lancashire, ELMC provides the structure and means with which we can fulfil our obligation to those in need.

Communication remains the key, it is so important to increase the awareness of the excellent work that our charity does amongst our own Brethren and to remind them of their continuing commitment to contribute.

The Fund-Raising Committee still includes the current Provincial Grand Charity Steward amongst its members and works with him, along with District, Lodge and Chapter Charity Stewards, valuing the vital roles they play in supporting ELMC.

There are many ways and means of contributing to the ELMC either as an individual Brother or via a Lodge / Chapter. The Fund-Raising Committee welcomes, encourages and, where appropriate, will assist with and advertise any of the following means of raising funds.

  • Become a Friend of ELMC
  • Lodge / Chapter Patronage
  • Lodge Fund-Raiser Events
  • District Fund-Raiser Events
  • Provincial Fund-Raiser Events
  • Sponsored Events
  • Leave a Legacy in Your Will
  • Casual Giving
  • Buy Merchandise
  • Amazon Smile



Committee Members

Stephen Thomson


Philip Price

Deputy Chairman

Paul Sellers


Chris Wildman

Steven Graham

Nigel Johnson

John Thornhill

Dennis Schiff

Julie Ward

ELMC Director of Operations

Michael Clare

Tony Stephenson

Rachel Cookson

Communications Officer

Bob Findley

The Provincial Charity Steward (Ex-Officio)

Sir David Trippier

President, (Ex-Officio)

John Farrington

Deputy President, (Ex-Officio)

Chad A. Northcott

ELMC Chairman, (Ex-Officio)

David Hudson

The Provincial Grand Almoner (Ex-Officio)

Gerry Russell

Webmaster - (Ex-Officio)