ELMC Grants


Grants made by the ELMC Grant Making Committee

Total Since inception = £751,067.45


14//23Bolton Sea Cadets
Towards cost of replacement boilers
14/12/23The Focus Foundation
Purchase Garden Equipment
£3,824.00City East

Community Security Trust
Purchase Security System for Broughton Park School

24/10/23Henshaws Society for Blind People
To cover costs for Christmas Party
10/10/23The Greater Good Project CIC



Software, laptop, mobile phones & top ups
10/10/23Sunnybank Garden Project
3 new raised gardening beds

Denton Youth Football Club
To purchase 1 Kit

10/10/23To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£487.30Northern
26/07/23Radcliffe Self Management Association
To purchase shed
26/07/23Restart the Heart
To purchase exterior defibrillator
26/07/23Oswaldtwistle Immanuel Bowling Club
To purchase lawnmower

Neuro Kinetic Club
To purchase equipment

£1,140.00City East
Cost of 20 members to attend
26/07/23Wheelchair for Elizabeth£2,587.50Western
15/06/23To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£1,624.32Western
15/06/23To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£649.73City West
15/06/23To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£1,300.00Northern
04/05/23Henshaws Society for Blind People
To cover cost of Digital Enablement Service
21/02/23Dance Syndrome£2,660.00East Ribble
03/04/23To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£975.00City West
11/04/23To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£812.16Burnley & Pendle
03/05/23Accrington Sea Cadets
Purchase SixLaptops
£4,888.80East Ribble
03/05/23Bibby’sFarm Ltd
Cost of Replacing Three Windows
03/05/23Age UK Bury
To Purchase Defibrillator
03/05/23Contact T/A Fledgings£2,500.00City East
03/05/23Stubbylee Community Greenhouses
Equipment for Art and Woodworking Classes
03/05/23Jolly Josh
Purchase Sound System
03/05/23Christies Charitable Fund
Purchase six mannequin heads
03/05/23Mossley Junior Football Club
Purchase defibrillator
£1,610.00Ashton & Mossley
26/01/23Prostate Cancer Support
Purchase of Banners, Lanyards, Table
£360.00City West
09/01/23Greater Manchester Magistrates Ass’n
Costs of transport for schools for project
£600.00City West
23/01/23Emmaus Bolton. MCF£645.00Bolton
23/01/23Blackburn Foodbank. MCF£645.00East Ribble
23/01/23Rochdale Food Bank  MCF£645.00Rochdale
13/12/22St Georges Mill Hill Scout Group
To Purchase Canoe Helmets
£1,126.80East Ribble
13/12/22Salford Womens Aid
To support supplies for refuge
13/12/22Salford Food Bank
To purchase food supplies
13/12/22Heartline Club
To Purchase various equipment
Purchase New PA system
£1,000.00East Ribble
06/10/22Night Safe Ltd
To Purchase Furniture
£1,393.00East Ribble
06/10/221262 Air Training Corps
To purchase iPads
£2,392.50East Ribble
06/10/22Clitheroe Civic Society
Purchase Street Planters
£2,507.00East Ribble
26/09/22To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£1,461.90Burnley & Pendle
To purchase solar batteries
£2,500.00City Sykes
29/06/22Carnival CIC
To Purchase two speakers
£5,000.00City Sykes
01/06/22To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£1,411.20Bolton
26/05/22Seedfield Football Club
Team Kit & Training Equipment
26/05/22Whitworth Valley Football Club
To Purchase Kit
26/05/22Radcliffe Scout Group
Tents & Field Equipment for Mixed Groups
26/05/22Kidneys For Life
To Purchase Ultrasound Equipment
£627.00City Sykes
18/05/22To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£976.82East Ribble
14/03/22Rochdale Sea Cadets
Replace Alarm & CCTV
14/03/22Scout Association – Rumworth School
Purchase Neckers and Woggles
01/03/22To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£649.73Salford
16/02/22To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£342.14Burnley & Pendle
15/12/21Amy & Friends
Application for a Sensory Chair
15/12/21Castleton Baths£5,000.00Rochdale
15/12/21Rossendale & Pendle Mountain Rescue
To purchase stretcher
£1,000.00Burnley & Pendle
15/12/21Outreach Community & Residential Services
To purchase cafe equipment
15/12/21Saddleworth Rangers
To cover cost of training tops
15/12/21Spring Hill Hospice
To purchase a mannikin
15/12/219th Heywood Scout Group
To purchase acoustic panelling
22/09/21Tall Ships Youth Trust
To fund 10 disadvantaged young people
To provide 5 Laptops
£2000.00East Ribble
22/09/21To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£912.00Derby
22/09/21To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£1300.00Salford
09/06/21Greater Manchester Magistrates Association
Knife Crime Project Support
09/06/21People First Bury
Purchase of Ukulele
09/06/21Elms Bank School
Specialist seating in garden
27/04/21Prevention of Breast Cancer£2,200.00City Sykes
25/04/21The Big Fandango
To purchase two sewing machines
21/04/21To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£456.19Burnley & Pendle
21/04/21To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£684.29East Ribble
21/04/21Rochdale Soup Kitchen
To the cost of hiring a Cherry Picker
21/04/21To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£324.00Burnley & Pendle
21/04/21Church & Oswaldtwistle Cricket Club
To Install Assisted Bathroom Facility
£1,800.00East Ribble
08.12.20East Lancs Hospice
Hire of Vans to Collect Christmas Trees
£750.00East Ribble
17.11.20Emmanuel Church Centre
Installation of Emergency Lighting
17.11.20Rossendale Hospice
Purchase 2 Recliner Chairs
17.11.20Rammy Men
Purchase Storage Container
17.11.20Hope for Justice
Purchase 3 laptops and 3 Mobile Phones
£2,250.00East Ribble
17.11.20Friends of Tameside Young Carers
Purchase 490 Selection Boxes for Young Carers
£1,000.00Ashton & Mossley
17.11.20The Fed
Purchase 43″Touch screen table
£3,100.00City Sykes
17.08.20Aliya Youth Project
Purchase 3 computer workstations & football table
04.08.20To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals£219.46Burnley & Pendle
15.07.20Salford Women’s Aid
To furnish two rooms
25.06.20Outreach Community & Residential Services – Purchase Defibrillater£1,314.00Manchester
07.05.20Chabad Food Bank
Supply of Food
06.04.20Bob Findley
Emily’s Memorial
06.04.20Meals on Alloy Wheels
Prepare and Distribute Meals
18.06.20St Peters Church 0f England  School
Building of a Memorial shelter
£335.00Burnley & Pendle
18.06.20The Samaritans
To refurbish communications room
£500.00Burnley & Pendle
06.04.20Markland Hill Primary School
Memorial to Emily
20.05.20Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£1,296.00East Ribble
12.02.20 Bowley Scout Camp
Refund of unspent grant
-£5,000.00East Ribble
12.02.20 Northern Air Hospital Radio
To purchase radio equipment
12.02.20 Scouts Bolton & Farnworth
To purchase waterproof clipboards
12.02.20Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
12.02.20 Friezland Brass Band
To purchase banners
12.02.20 Scout Association – 24th Farnworth
To purchase heaters for Scout Headquarters
16.12.19 Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£219.46Burnley & Pendle
05.12.19 Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£116.64Ashton & Mossley
12.11.19Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
30.10.19Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
18.10.19Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
To assist in funding a special needs sensory room
17.10.19Child Action North West
To assist support of Emotional Health Concert
£2,000.00East Ribble
17.10.19Tameside A & E
To purchase two TV/DVD combos 
£402.97Ashton & Mossley
17.10.19RRF Band of Drums
To purchase uniforms for band
17.10.19Bury Athletic Club
To assist in purchasing gym equipment for outdoor use
17.10.19Community First Responders
To purchase training equipment for defibrillator use
£548.00Ashton & Mossley
17.10.19Noah’s A.R.T.
To purchase a sensory projector
£169.00Ashton & Mossley
17.10.19Springside Primary School
To purchase various gardening products
To purchase various items for a cafe
17.10.19St Anne’s Hospice
To purchase a specialised bed
17.10.19Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£336.10Burnley & Pendle
04.09.19Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£2,500.00Bolton & Farnworth
20.08.19Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£116.64Burnley & Pendle
22.07.19Blackburn Eagles£1,200.00East Ribble
22.07.19Friendship Group
To assist with cost of coach hire
£850.00East Ribble
22.07.19River Wardley Appeal
Towards cost of moving to new home
22.07.19PIE UK CIC
To purchase stationary & workshop resources
22.07.19Cotton Shed Theatre Company
To purchase various media equipment
22.07.19Muscular Dystrophy UK
A Grant approved to assist staging of a concert
22.07.19Greater Manchester Magistrates Association
To support the Knife Crime Prevention initiative
To purchase materials for raised garden project
22.07.19Friermere Cricket Club
A contribution towards the cost of a cricket bowling machine
22.07.19Moorside Cricket & Bowling Club
To purchase various items to upgrade catering
22.07.19Lottie Eye Gaze
Donation towards purchase of Eye Gaze
22.07.19Bolton Mountain Rescue
Towards cost of mid-layer clothing
22.07.19The Gables, Shaw Masonic Hall
To purchase defibrillator
22.07.19Rochdale Connection Trust
To purchase furniture for re-furbished reception area
22.07.19St Josephs RC Primary School
To purchase books for school library
09.05.19Ethan Naisbitt
To fund kit and training towards entry into Paralympics in Tokyo in 2020
£1,570.00East Ribble
09.05.19Inspiration Station
To purchase P.C., printer and inks
£550.00East Ribble
09.05.19Castleton Health & Leisure Centre
To provide changing rooms for proposed hydropool
09.05.19Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
09.05.19Greater Manchester Magistrates Association
To help reduce/prevent knife crime in Salford
09.05.19George Barton World Challenge
Contribution towards cost of expedition
06.03.19St Annes Hospice
To purchase hand washing equipment (MCF Match Funded)
06.03.19Graces Place
To purchase equipment (MCF Match Funded)
06.03.19Greswell Primary School
To purchase sports uniforms
06.03.19Mossley Community Association
Towards cost of refurb of kitchen area
£500.00Ashton & Mossley
06.03.19Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£233.28Ashton & Mossley
06.03.19St Ann’s Hospice
To purchase ‘on ward’ hand washing facility
06.03.19Bury Hospice
To purchase medical notes trolley
06.03.19Middleton Masonic Hall
To purchase defibrillator
06.03.19Rochdale Triathlon Club
To purchase a bike box
06.03.19Douglas Bader Foundation
To cover the cost of Bader Brave Activity Bags
06.03.19Cheetham Scout & Guide Group
To repair the roof
11.12.18Thomasson Memorial School for the Deaf
To purchase Carpets
£4,295 Bolton
11.12.18Mission Christmas
To purchase toys for 4 to 9 year old children
£1,000 Manchester
11.12.18Salford District
To purchase a difibrillator
£999.60 Salford
11.12.18Alt Academy
To purchase outdoor equipment
£3,100 Oldham
11.12.18Greater Manchester North Scouts
Contribution towards cost of six scouts attending the World Jamboree
£1,200 Province
11.12.18Operation Wallacea
Contribution towards cost of trip to Madagascar
£250 Bury
11.12.18Personalising Freedom
To purchase three computers
£1,633 East Ribble
11.12.18Jumbles Sailing Club
Contribution towards cost of new jetty
£1,000 Bolton
11.12.18Red Lane Primary School
To replace equipment lost in fire
£3,500 Bury
11.12.18Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£1,296 East Ribble
11.12.18Young Stars Sports Club
To purchase equipment for training
£1,360 East Ribble
11.12.18Tameside Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group
To provide cost of one years room hire
£700 Audenshaw
Cost of transport to Christmas function
£200 Bury
Contribution to cost of trips
£1,444 Manchester
11.12.18Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£750 Salford
Contribution towards cost of garden makeover
£1,000 Bury
13.09.18Molly Renkin-Holloway
Contribution towards cost of attending World Scout Jamboree
£800 Ashton & Mossley
13.09.18Burnley Boys & Girls Club
Fit security grill over kitchen window
£204 Burnley & Pendle
13.09.18Mia Linnick-Holden & Andrei Toader
Contribution towards dance competition costs
£200 Rochdale
13.09.18Salle Angelo Fencing Club
Purchase 3 Laser Pistols and Travel Targets
£1,800 Rochdale
13.09.18High Crompton Park F C
Purchase of Training Kit
£600 Rochdale
13.09.18Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£1000 City Sykes & Derby
13.09.18Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£750 Salford
13.09.18Dragon Martial Arts Centre
Replace Equipment Lost in Fire
£600 Ashton & Mossley
19.04.18Tameside Young Carers
Contribution to costs
£500 Audenshaw
19.04.18Bury Society for Blind & Partially Sighted
Contribution towards outing costs
£500 Bury
To fund provision of toilet facilities
£1,000 Bury
To purchase computer & projector
£1,308 Bury
19.04.18Fusilier Musical Spectacular
To fund support
£300 Bury
19.04.18St Johns Free Church of England
To fund refurb of kitchen
£1,500 Bury
19.04.18Mustard Tree
To purchase 6 units of computer equipment
£2,172 City Derby
19.04.18Community Cuts
Part Contribution
£250 Audenshaw
19.04.18Mylo & Friends
To purchase equipment
£500 Burnley & Pendle
19.04.18Clitheroe Castle Junior Parkrun
To provide equipment
£625 East Ribble
22.02.18Fusilier & Learning Centre
To provide equipment
£7,000 Bury
12.02.18Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£2,000 Bolton
02.02.18North Tameside Scouting District
Grant towards costs of  band
£250.00 Ashton & Mossley
17.01.18ELHT & Me
To purchase IT equipment
£4,650.00 East Ribble
17.01.18Bury Mayor’s Charity
Donation to Mayor’s appeal
£1,000.00 Bury
17.01.18Annabelle’s Challenge
Grant towards costs
£1,000.00 Bury
17.01.18Communic8te Bury
To purchase IT equipment
£3,749.00 Bury
17.01.18Agecroft Ladies Rowing Club
To fund equipment
£2,500.00 Salford
17.01.18St Peter’s Community Gathering
To fund funday
£1,077.00 Ashton & Mossley
17.01.18Peel Brow Primary School
To purchase outdoor/learning equipment
£1,000.00 Bury
17.01.18Friends of Tottington Library
To fund provision of cafe facility
£7,000.00 Bury
17.01.18Manchester Road Methodist Church
To purchase office equipment
£950.00 Bury
17.01.18East Lancs Scouts
Grant towards the cost of Jamboree America 2019
£700.00 Bury
13.10.17Lalley Toy Appeal
To fund Toys for Christmas (Also provided 24 TLC Bears)
£300.00 Derby
13.10.17Soup Kitchen£5000.00 Rochdale
13.10.17Supporting Communities, Improving Lives (SCIL)
To fund food for Christmas party
£500.00 Bury
13.10.17Latin Steps Dance Company
To purchase boy’s tops
£1,600.00 Ashton & Mossley
13.10.17Bibby’s Farm Scout Activity Centre
Towards the cost of a jungle climber
£1,500.00 Bolton
13.10.17Rough Diamonds
To cover cost of Christmas lunch
£500.00 Ashton & Mossley
13.10.17Maritime Volunteer Service
To purchase a Defribillator
£999.00 Salford
13.10.171st Middleton Scouts
To purchase plumbing equipment
£1,500.00 Oldham
13.10.17Army Cadet Force
To purchase drums and musical instruments
£1,459.00 Sykes
To purchase two laptops
£916.00 Sykes/Derby
13.10.17The Christie Charitable Fund
To purchase steering magnets for use in proton beam therapy
£2,000.00 Sykes
13.10.17Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary
To purchase Panels and Signs
£2,000.00 Bury
13.10.17Burnley Talking Newspapers
To purchase copier
£800.00 Burnley & Pendle
13.10.17The Stroke Focus Group
To purchase Gardening Tools
£500.00 Burnley & Pendle
13.10.17Medequip for Kids
Contribution towards cost of Sensory Equipment
£1,000.00 Derby
13.10.17Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£2,000.00 Bury
13.10.17Beenstock Nursing Home
To purchase Sensory Equipment
£1,500.00 Sykes/Derby
30.05.17West Pennine Slings
To purchase of 20 slings
£1,007.00 East Ribble
30.05.17Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£850.00 Salford
30.05.17Bolton Sea Cadets
£3,000.00 Bolton
30.05.17Hope Kidney Patients Association
£1,000.00 Salford
30.05.17Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£692.00 Manchester
30.05.17Margaret Haes Riding Centre
Contribution towards floodlighting
£1,000.00 Bury
30.05.17Parkinsons UK, Bury Branch
To purchase a projector
£610.00 Bury
30.05.17Milnrow Ladybarn Bowling Club
To provide wheelchair access ramp
£1,200.00 Rochdale
30.05.17East Manchester Community Boat Project
Contribution to running costs
£750.00 Salford
30.05.17Springhill Hospice
Purchase of Fundraising Equipment
£889.00 Rochdale
30.05.17Salford Loaves & Fishes
To purchase 600 litre capacity fridge
£1,334.00 Derby
30.05.17Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£586.00 East Ribble
12.04.17North Tameside Scouting District
Contribution to cost of band for St Georges Day Parade
£250.00 Ashton & Mossley
13.03.17Blackburn Youth Zone
Sponsorship of Glasses & Tee Shirts
£1,200.00 East Ribble
24.02.17Chapman, Cancer Treatment
Match funding towards cancer treatment
£100.00Ashton & Mossley
24.02.17St  Ann’s Church
£1,000.00 Province
24.02.17Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£2,000.00 Bolton
24.02.17Caudwell Children
To fund two tricycles
£1,000.00 Province
24.02.17Droylesden Youth Centre
Support school educational trip to Spain
£250.00 Audenshaw
24.02.17Broughton House
To fund two patients
£5,000.00 Direct
24.02.17North West & Lakes Blood Bikes
Purchase 3 straps for each bike
£1,500.00 Bury
24.02.17Tottington Bowling & Social Club
Upgrade and extend kitchen area
£2,000.00 Bury
24.02.17Ashworth Valley Scout Camp
Installation of Heating in Ranch House
09.01.17Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£800.00 Salford
13.12.16The Fusiliers Museum
Purchase of 15 new computers
£4,704.80 Bury
Equipment for a Sensory Room
£1,552.77 Ashton & Mossley
13.12.16GM Carers Trust in Greater Manchester
Support for Memories and Melodies Project for Carers
£1000.00 Bolton
13.12.16Rochdale Food Bank
Support for families suffering hardship
£500.00 Rochdale
13.12.16Grange Bowling Club
Repair to wall and alarm in disabled toilet
£740.00 East Ribble
13.12.16Friends of Tameside Young Carers
Day out for 70 Young Carers
£1700.00 Audenshaw
13.12.16Off the Record
Towards the development of a new App for young people
£500.00 Oldham
10.11.16Pyramid Self Help Group
To support a Christmas Party for 35 people
£350.00 Burnley & Pendle
24.10.16New Ground Together
Hire of large screen for Christmas lights switch on
£1500.00 East Ribble
24.10.16Wood Street Mission
Supply of Christmas gifts to children
£2000.00 Manchester
18.10.16Lodge of Merit
To provide helmet for boy born with a soft skull
£1500.00 Bury
05.10.16Tall Ships Trust
Bursary for two young people to train on Tall Ships
05.10.16Latin Dance Steps
To cover costs of Junior 4 Couple Team
£3388.00 Ashton & Mossley
05.10.16Salle Angelo Fencing Club
To cover the cost of two FIE Scoring Sets
£2834.00 Rochdale
05.10.16Sandon House Community Centre
To provide replacement flooring
£3200.00 Bury
05.10.16Top View Community Special School
To re-fit a sensory room
£2977.56 Bury
05.10.16HFT@Greenfield Community Centre
To purchase and install a defibrillator
£1120.00 East Ribble
05.10.16Lancashire Women’s Centres
To match own fundraising
£2636.00East Ribble
05.10.16Cherry Tree Bowling Club
To purchase a Heritage Litter Bin
05.10.16Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£450.00 Bury
15.07.16Victoria Baths
To assist in the Restoration of the Baths
15.07.16IOM Renovation Project
Provincial Grand Lodge of The Isle of Man
£1000.00PGM Discretionary Fund
15.07.16Rochdale Lodge
To assist in the maintenance of a stairlift
15.07.16You Can
To purchase canoes, parachutes and mats
£1,300.00 Salford
15.07.16Salford Carers Centre
To assist in the production of a calender
04.05.16The FED
To purchase specialist palliative care equipment
04.05.16Bury Society for blind and partially sighted people
Donation to cover of a trip for 90 people
04.05.16Teddies for loving care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
04.05.16St Georges Scout Group
To purchase a self build shelter
£2,151.00East Ribble
04.05.16Thwaites Empire Theatre
To purchase a two Defibrillator
£1,850.00East Ribble
04.05.16East Manchester Canal Boat Project
To purchase a Defibrillator
£400.00Ashton & Mossley
25.02.16Tottington High School
Donation towards purchase of musical instruments
25.02.161969 Rossendale Squadron, Air Training Corps
To provide 5 PC workstations, keyboards and monitors
25.02.16The Frost Foundation
To provide a specialist wheelchair
25.02.16Middleton Cricket Club
To provide sight screens for a Focus and Community Club
25.02.16Salford Imagination Library
To provide books for pre-school children in under priviledged areas of Salford
25.02.16Hosanna House Children’s Hospice
Donation for three children or young people to travel to Lourdes
26.11.15Francis House Children’s Hospice
Donation to the ‘Kirsty’ Appeal. Matched with a donation from the Province of Cheshire
26.11.15Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
To support their work
26.11.15Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
To purchase computer monitors and laptops
17.09.15St Peter’s Church Lads and Girls Brigade
To purchase equipment and uniforms
17.09.15Bury Amateur Boxing Club
To purchase new boxing equipment
£1,000.00East Ribble
17.09.15Growing Wild
To Provide a poly tunnel for community food growing
£2,966.80East Ribble
17.09.15St John’s Brass Band
To upkeep equipment and uniforms
£1,000.00Ashton & Mossley
17.09.15Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£585.79East Ribble
17.09.15Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
08.05.15Springhill Hospice
01.05.15Besses Boys Band
To purchase sweatshirts for band tour of Cornwall
01.05.15Youth Adventure Tameside
To purchase camping equipment for Duke of Edinburgh awards scheme
£1,930.00Ashton & Mossley
To Cover Venue and Catering Costs
17.02.15Oldham Sea Cadets
To Install Shower and Toilet Facilities
17.02.15East Lancs Hospice
To purchase various outdoor lighting equipment
£4,707.60East Ribble
17.02.15Cotton Shed Theatre
To purchase an Apple iMac Computer
17.02.15Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
To sponsor a page in the 2016 Calendar for the Christie Hospital Young Oncology Unit
17.02.15Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention
To fund the cost of printing 1000 leaflets
17.02.15Bury Cancer Support Centre
To provide a ramp for disabled users
17.02.15The 3rd Royton Scouts
To provide new groundsheet and tents
16.12.14Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
16.12.14TLC Victim Support
To provide teddies for child victims of crime
16.12.14Bury Blind & Partially Sighted Society
To part fund towards the cost of a replacement boiler
16.12.14Whitefield Macular Society
To Purchase paper, inks and magnifying lenses
16.12.14123rd Manchester Scouts
To Purchase a hot water geyser
16.12.14Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
14.10.14Bolton Little Theatre
To Fund Emergency Lighting and Stage Lighting Refurbishment
14.10.14Halliwell Befriending Service
To fund a Sheltered Patio Area
14.10.14Halliwell Organic Growers
The purchase of a Wind Generator and Charge Controller
14.10.14Blackburn Youth Zone
To fund a Sensory Room Package
£4,995.00East Ribble
14.10.149th Ramsbottom Scout Group
To fund the purchase of new camping equipment
30.06.14Margaret Hae’s Riding Centre
30.06.14Belthorn Village Hall
The purchase of a Specialist Grass Mowing Machine
£454.80East Ribble
30.06.14Denton Youth Under 8’s Football Club
The purchase of equipment to help with training
£600.00Ashton & Mossley
30.06.14Grace’s Place
The purchase of a bed and other equipment for the treatment room
30.06.14Greater Manchester Oral History Project
To purchase recording equipment
30.06.14Greenmount Village Pre-School
To fund the replacement of a slide and the purchase of ICT equipment
30.06.14Middleton Popstars Academy
The purchase of materials to complete the backstage areas
30.06.14Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
07.04.14ALLtogether Social Trust
To fund towards the hosting of a talent show at the Thwaites Empire Theatre
£500.00East Ribble
07.04.14Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide, Blackburn Branch
The purchase of 5 copies of requested books
£489.50East Ribble
07.04.14Bolton Hospice
To fund the supply of wardrobe and bedside cabinets in refurbished patient rooms
07.04.14Hyndburn Heritage & Community Group
To fund the supply and installation of safety and security glass for displays
£1,500.00East Ribble
07.04.14Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
£400.00Burnley & Pendle
07.04.14Splinter Guitar Club
To purchase guitars and other musical instruments for use by people with learning disabilities
10.02.14Whitefield Macular Society
To purchase printer, ink and paper
10.02.14Oldham Mountain Rescue Team
To purchase 8 cases to carry and protect medical equipment and medicines
10.02.14Delamere School
To purchase specialised outdoor play equipment
22.11.13Fit2XL Community Gymnasium
To assist in the restoration of fire damaged community gymnasium
£2,900.00East Ribble
06.11.13Friends of Darwen Cemetery
To Provide Muck Truck,section markers and District Project
£2,640.00East Ribble
To provide sleeping bags and emergency kits for homeless
£3,050.00East Ribble
06.11.13East Lancs Hospice
To provide medals for inaugural charity run
£350.00East Ribble
06.11.13St Annes Girl Guides
To Supply camping equipment
06.11.13Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
06.11.13Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals
20.04.13North West Blood Bikes
To purchase a bike & livery – voluntary out of hours blood/breast milk etc delivery service for the NHS
£4,175.00East Ribble
20.04.13Kearsley Youth Brass Band
To purchase a Soprano Cornet – encouraging talent amongst disadvantaged children in Bolton
20.04.13Middleton Heartline Clb
To purchase a Massage Table, Badminton Rackets and Shuttlecocks
20.04.1383rd Oldham St Stephens Cubs
Towards the cost of camping equipment (tents etc)
20.04.13Medequip for Kids
Towards the cost of ophthalmoscope for new Childrens A & E at Fairfield Hospital
15.02.13Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution in local hospitals and A & E Departments
15.02.13Manchester Jewish Community Care
To provide a Replacement Washing Machine
15.02.13Middleton Gymnastics Club
To help fund gymnastic equipment, currently supporting over 200 tots to teenagers
15.02.13Wythenshawe Wheelers
To purchase a Mission Solo Trike, provide cycling experiences and training for the less-abled
15.02.13Child Action North West
For funding children’s activities at the Victorian Pound Day in 2013
£4,615.00East Ribble
30.10.12Teddies for Loving Care
To provide teddies for distribution by Rochdale Victim Support Group
30.10.12GOs on Tour
To provide uprated speakers for a community entertainment group.
£500.00East Ribble
30.10.12St James Primary School, Haslingden
To provide children with learning difficulties with 3 i-pads and software.
14.08.12East Manchester Community Boat Project (provides canal boat trips for the disadvantaged)
To assist with re-painting and updating health and safety equipment to legal requirements
£4,000.00Ashton and Mossley
14.08.12Manchester Fencing Club
To provide starter and competition equipment for the under 14 yrs age group and to fund a new starter class
£1,000.00Ashton and Mossley
14.08.12Tottington Community Defibrillator Appeal
To help provide two defibrillators at either end of Tottington Village.
14.08.12TLC Initiative
To Provide stocks of TLC Bears to support District Hospital provision
£570.24East Ribble
17.04.12East Lancashire Hospice
To sponsor the Starlight Walk Participants Medals raising Funds (circa £80K) for the Hospice
£1,000.00East Ribble
17.04.12Pendle View Primary School
To provide a playground Pavilion giving shade in the Summer for wheelchair bound children
£4,012.80Burnley and Pendle
21.02.12Child Action North West
To Support a fund raising Victorian Pound Day at Blackburn Orphanage on 24 June 2012
£3,660.00East Ribble
31.01.12Teddies for Loving Care
Additional support for the Burnley and Pendle District for the Urgent Care Unit at Burnley General Hospital
£528.00Burnley and Pendle
31.01.12Riding for the Disabled
Towards new equipment for recently donated horses
£300.00Burnley and Pendle
31.01.12Hyndburn Arthritis Association
Towards Room Hire, Transport and Event Running for Members
£1000.00East Ribble
31.10.11Creative Living Centre (supporting the mentally and emotional distressed)
Purchase of Computer Equipment
09.08.11TLC Initiative
To Provide stocks of TLC bears to support individual District hospital provision sustainability
31.05.11Greater Manchester West County Scouts
To support young people to attend a World Scouts’ Jamboree
18.04.11Thwaites Theatre Partnership
Sponsor Annual Christmas Pantomine, Schools Competition and Promotion
£4,000.00Blackburn and Darwen
18.04.11Bury Cancer Support Centre
To purchase a series of essential items including a massage table for the centre
06.03.11Starlight Walk Event, East Lancs Hospice
To Sponsor Participants Medals (1000 + participants) raising funds for ELancs Hospice
14.12.10Orchard House Day Hospital
Towards Landscaping of the External Grounds
14.12.10Derian House Children’s Hospice
To fund the purchase of Lounge and other Televisions
02.11.10Bury MBC Children’s Services
To support 100 local foster children and carers attending Christmas Pantomime
05.10.10JIGSAW (Bury)
Sports Charity promoting fitness and health for disabled people
£100.00Oldham District
10.08.10Manchester Diocesan Mothers Union Hospital Projects
To purchase materials for clothing/items for deceased/premature babies
10.08.10Victim Support / TLC Scheme
TLC Bears now available for children giving evidence thru victim Support
10.08.10Rossendale First Responders
Towards Volunteer Ambulance Service Public Access Defibrillator kit
10.08.10The Coldwell inn Project Ltd
To prepare and tarmac access path to horticultural centre for less-abled
Towards administration support costs – therapy for Aphasia
10.08.101005 Squadron Air Training Corps, Radcliffe
Laptop and Printer – Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Diploma Training
10.08.10Wood Street Mission
School Uniform Assistance for Disadvantaged Children
£2,000.00Manchester Districts
10.08.10Youth in the Community Award – recognition of community spirit
Awards/prizes and charity donations on behalf of recipient
24.05.10Bury Society for the Deaf
Various equipment for the hearing impaired
12.04.10Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM)
Fund Outreach ‘Calmzone’ to help young men contemplating suicide
12.04.10Maden Centre, Bacup
To sponsor the Dance Workshops and the Story Magic Theatre Week
12.04.10Pendle Action for the Community
Contribution towards six months funding for the Charity
£1,430.00Burnley and Pendle
12.04.10Royton Air Training Corps, 1855 Squadron
Refurbishment / replacement windows / frames in main drill hall
£1,000.00Oldham District
15.02.10Broughton House
To assist with the purchase of new minibus
15.02.10Blackburn and Darwen District
Provide additional support for local ‘Teddies for Loving Care’ initiative
£1,000.00Blackburn and Darwen
15.02.10Thwaites Empire Theatre
To fund a childrens panto – proceeds to charities – joint project
£8,000.00Blackburn and Darwen
15.02.1010th Bolton Guides / Lancashire Border Guiding
To provide marquee for Lancashire Borders Centenary Camp 2010
15.12.09Willow Wood Hospice
To refurbish hydrotherapy pool
06.10.09Poorlots Allotments
To help towards building new site building
14.08.09Pendle View Primary School, Burnley
To help fund outings for children
£1,500.00Burnley and Pendle
04.08.09Helping Adolescents with Cancer (HAWC)
To enable local youngsters to attend social outings and holidays
28.05.09All Saint’s Church – St Francis Community Centre
To purchase sound system for the Community Centre
28.05.09Beechwood Cancer Care
Towards Specific Projects TBA
£1,500.00Province Discretionary Grant
07.04.09East Lancs Hospice
Cost of materials for brethren performing maintenance tasks
07.04.09The Maden Centre
Community Theatre and Workshop for Children
07.04.09Transport for Sick Children
Towards transporting sick children for medical trips
07.04.09Bury Cancer Support Group
To purchase two screen dividers
07.04.09Miles for Smiles
A charity that organises treats for youngsters who need a smile in their day.
07.04.09Thwaites Empire Theatre
Sponsorship of 2009 Pantomime
07.04.09Chadderton Park
Cost of materials for brethren to kit out changing facilities
16.02.09Christ Church Community Development
Towards materials for Kitchen in new Community Centre
16.02.09Henshaws Society for Blind People
Expert care, advice and training to anyone affected by sight loss
16.02.09Salford Sailing Group
Purchase a training boat displaying ELMC logo on sale
16.02.09Diversity in Barrier Breaking Communications
Funding for training of two disabled / disadvantaged students on a course
Towards the cost of fitting out a van with medical supplies
05.12.08Salford Lads and Girls Club
Club facilities for Salford Boys and Girls – see www.salfordladsclub.org.uk
05.12.08Salford Heart Care support Group
Practical Support for Heart Care Patients, Families and Carers
15.09.08Friends of Sunnyhurst Woods
Improvements to Childrens’ Play Area
£500.00Blackburn & Darwen
15.09.08Broughton House
To assist in raising funds at Christmas Fair and Charity Black Tie Dinner
15.09.08Northern Air Radio Hospital Broadcasting Service
Contribution to running costs of service to Manchester / Salford Hospitals
15.09.08Manchester University Chorus
To support funding of Concert at the Bridgewater Hall by University Orchestra
15.09.08League of Jewish Women / Jewish Talking Newspaper
To fund purchase of laptop and 60 speaker players for USB thumb drives
15.09.08Astley Bridge Football Club
To fund the purchase of goalposts appropriate to current legislation
August 08Denton and Audenshaw Carnival
To support operational costs and further fundraising activities
£800.00Ashton and Mossley
18.08.08Edgeside and District Community Partnership
To Sponsor Family Theatre Week at Maden Community Centre, Bacup
17.06.08Middleton Cricket Club
To fund the construction of disabled toilets
17.06.08Bolton Lads & Girls Club
To fund the training of extra Mentors
21.04.08Astley Youth Band
For the purchase of new sheet music
21.04.08Birtenshaw Hall (Childrens’ Homes)
Towards a new soft play area
21.04.08Bolton Cardiac Support Group
To purchase a new defibrillator
21.04.08Elton Primary School
Towards the cost of replacing books damaged by floods
21.04.08Thwaites Empire Theatre Trust
To fund a childrens panto – proceeds to charities – joint project
£8,000.00Blackburn and Darwen
21.04.08Gtr M/cr Cerebral Palsy Soc
Towards training project
21.04.08Salford Womens’ Aid
To fund a secure mobile phone scheme so abused women can get in touch
21.04.08Mediquip for kids
To help buy specific eqpmt at Hope hospital
21.04.08Salford Heart Care Support Group
Supporting this worthy cause
21.04.08Salford Child Contact Centre
Enables children from broken families to maintain contact with both parents
21.04.08M/cr Adoption Society
Supporting their activities
19.02.08Bury Cancer Support Centre
To help fund opening the centre for a third day a week
19.02.08Transport for Sick Children
To support volunteer group transporting sick children to Hospital and doctor’s appointments
18.12.07Bolton Children’s Opportunity Group
To assist with refurbishment of premises
18.12.07Alcohol & Drug Abstinence Service
To assist with refurb. of 2 residential premises
18.12.07Clayton Park Rangers Junior Football Club
Towards cost of equipment/coaching for youth development programme
18.12.07East Lancs Scout Council
Towards cost of renovating local facilities
24.10.07Friends of Coalshaw Green Park
To refurbish “The Pavilion” kitchen, in this major project.
24.10.07East Manchester Community Boat Project
To support canal boat at disposal of general community
24.10.07Broughton House Home for Ex-service Personnel
To hire of marquee for two major fundraising events
24.10.07Cardiac Risk in the Young
To support community cardiac screening program for young people
£1,000.00Blackburn and Darwen
24.10.07One Can Make a Difference
To support children suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy
24.10.07Heathfield Resource Centre
To pay for an outing for disabled and underprivileged
20.08.07Bolton Support Group, Marie Curie Cancer Care
Specialised Nursing Care for terminally ill people
20.08.07430 (Droylsden) Squadron, Air Training Corps
Towards cost of renovating premises
20.08.07Disabled Asian Womens’ Network
Towards cost of transporting disabled women/children
20.08.07The following Discretionary Grants were also made:
The Nicky Alliance Jewish Day Centre £250
Henshaw’s Society for the Blind £250
Alcohol & Drugs Services £250
Lifeshare £250
20.06.07Fairfield General Hospital
To refurnish the playroom on the Childrens Ward, which has been closed since March, due to a flood.
11.06.07Gtr M/c High Sheriff’s Police Trust
To cover the cost of membership of this important organisation, expected to lead to excellent openings to good causes
11.06.07Royal Northern College of Music
To cover the cost of hiring a piano for a major charity concert
11.06.07Burnley & District Talking Newspaper for the Blind
To help keep this important service operating
11.06.07Swinton & Worsley Mencap Soc.
Supporting Adults and children with learning difficulties
18.04.07Colne First Aid Services
Urgent request. Required to fit out a treatment caravan – matching £500 donated by Mark Masons
18.04.07Birtenshaw Hall Special School
To help fund residential placements for children with special needs
18.04.07Bury Cancer Support Centre
To fund an ‘outreach’ therapist for patients unable to visit the centre
18.04.07Parkinsons Disease Society
To fund an outing for sufferers and their families
18.04.07Salford Crossroads Group
Enables carers to take respite and social breaks
18.04.07Tameside Independent Counselling and Advice Service
Offers free advice to distressed citizens
18.04.07Grtr M/c Music Action Zone
Introduces underprivileged children to music to develop self-esteem & citizenship
18.04.07Tottington Community Concert In the Park
To fund a marquee for this major annual event
18.04.07Hargreaves House Play Area
To help fund a new play area for young people with severe learning difficulties
18.04.07Bowley Scout Camp/Hut
To help fund the construction of a major new Scout centre
18.04.07Hurdles (Parent run org.)
To assist in setting up a new café for special needs children
18.04.07Francis House Childrens’ Hospice
Ongoing support for this worthy cause
14.02.07H.C.P.T. Pilgrimage Trust
To fund the visit of 3 disabled/disadvantaged children to Lourdes
14.02.07North West Army Cadets
Continuation of past support for this cause
07.12.06N.W. Air Ambulance
Towards the upkeep of this vital service
07.12.06Springhill Hospice
Towards the completion of a major sensory garden project
01.11.06Newfield Special School
To complete a sensory garden for pupils
01.11.06Bolton Lads & Girls Club
To fund the training of mentors