Provincial Grand Charity Steward


Kirk Mulhearn,  PProvGDC – Provincial Grand Charity Steward


It is an honour and a privilege to be appointed to the office of Provincial Grand Charity Steward in this Province of East Lancashire. Initiated into Freemasonry in 2005, I am a member of St Peter’s Deane Lodge No. 6521 and Concorde Deane Chapter No. 37, both of which meet at Silverwell Hall in Bolton.

Within the community in which I grew up, there is a strong charitable ethos, and this was one of the aspects which attracted me to Freemasonry in the first instance.

Like my predecessor, I am intent on sharing ideas and suggestions relevant to all forms of charitable giving and fundraising. In addition to fully supporting the Province, the districts and our own special charity, the ELMC, I’m also very keen to introduce new opportunities to engage in Masonic charity, particularly those relevant to younger brethren.

My two great passions in Masonry are talking and visiting, both of which my children tell me I do to much of. That aside, I would welcome the opportunity to visit any lodge or chapter in the Province, to make a presentation.

Charity is one of the bedrocks of Freemasonry. My office as Provincial Grand Charity Steward is to ensure that we maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of our work in this area. To this end, one step I would urge Brethren to consider, is individual membership of the ELMC.

WBro Kirk Mulhearn,  PProvDGDC — Provincial Grand Charity Steward. January 2018.

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