Henshaws Children’s Christmas Party

The ELMC Grant Making Committee recently approved a grant £2500 for Henshaws Society for Blind People to cover the costs involved for their Christmas Party.
John Farrington and his wife, Christine, kindly attended on our behalf along with Darren Kennedy.

Darren reported:
Sundays visit to Henshaws Christmas party was a lovely experience.  All the children appeared to be having a great day….and one of the biggest things that struck me after talking with some of the volunteers is that this event is one of only a few occasions where the service users are able to attend a party type function along with their siblings due to it being specifically put together to be a safe environment for them to move freely.  It was clear that both seeing, and visually impaired siblings were totally relaxed and enjoying themselves.  I took a few pictures, and even got John with the Grinch!  Stephen Tongue said that without ELMCs funding they could not have made the party happen on the same scale!  

Stehen Tongue, Director of Fundraising said:
It was lovely to meet John, Christine and Darren at our children’s party yesterday. I persuaded Christine to visit Father Christmas as you’ll see from the attached photo.
The children had a fantastic time playing traditional party games, running around, dancing, and playing pass the parcel. They all had a meeting with, and a gift from, Father Christmas, and they all went home with big smiles on their faces.
Thank you so much for making that happen. We are truly grateful for the support you have shown Henshaws this year.

For more information on Henshaws please see: www.henshaws.org.uk