Sensory Equipment for Tor View School

Tor View school provides education for children and young adults aged 3-19 with a wide range of special educational needs ranging from moderate learning difficulties to Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD), including severe and complex learning difficulties. The school provides for pupils with additional needs arising from physical disabilities, sensory impairments and specific conditions including Autistic Spectrum Condition.

The school has a sensory equipment room which is an essential facility for young people with PMLD but by 2016 much of the equipment was failing and in need of repair or upgrade. Through WBro Steve Holland, who was the Bury District Charity Steward at the time, an application was made to the ELMC for funding to bring the equipment back into full use.

A grant of £2,481 was provided which has enabled all of this vital sensory equipment to be upgraded so that the students now have excellent facilities at their disposal.

At a recent visit two young people, Alex and Dominic, who both have PLMD were making good use of the facility.


Alex is able to control and operate the bubble tubes from a switch just behind his head, in response to a verbal instruction given by his teacher.



Meanwhile Dominic is controlling images appearing on the screen next to him through the use of a microphone.

These are just two of a range of complex special pieces of equipment available in the room which also includes computer controlled projection equipment.


Sensory room manager, Emma Pemberton, explained that the provision of the grant had brought an increase in the use of sensory equipment up from 20% in 2016 to 80% at the present time. In addition to an amazing transformation for PMLD students, primary students are able to use equipment for speech development while autistic students are also making use of the facilities.

Certainly a highly beneficial use of ELMC funding as the picture of happiness on Alex’s face shows.


Report by Gerry Russell